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Biden’s bipartisan dreams may turn into partisan nightmare; Maine’s role

As news reports named Joe Biden as president-elect, Donald Trump denied his defeat and launched unsupported claims of fraud. Only a few Senate Republicans congratulated Biden, including an equivocal Susan Collins.  Most backed his pursuing unfounded complaints, preventing or delaying a smooth transition. Trump, the personal president, may be nothing more than a sore loser.  […]

Trump, master of ‘whataboutism’

America has a bad case of “whataboutism.” Here’s how it works. Democrats say: President Trump has completely bungled the coronavirus pandemic. Trump answers: What about the way Obama-Biden mishandled the swine flu? Conclusion: The Democrats screwed up the swine flu years ago, making their criticism of Trump’s handling of Covid-19 false. In another case: Former […]

Can Supreme Court be real election issue?

History seems to go back no further than the memory of the person reciting it. Bad recall dominates the debate whether President Trump should have left the choice of the next Supreme Court justice to the next presidential term – his or Biden’s. Democrats say that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell broke tradition by blocking […]

Could Trump overrule election defeat?

Would Donald Trump abide by the presidential election results if he lost? Such a question has never before been asked about a sitting president, but the White House answer left the matter in doubt. The real answer is both simple and complicated. Trump might refuse to accept that he had lost the election, but it’s […]

Trump, GOP Senate posture; people suffer

President Trump has tried to short-circuit the congressional efforts to come up with a new bill on federal Covid-19 aid. That’s today’s politics, but much more. Here’s the story. In May, the House of Representatives under Democratic control passed a new $3 trillion aid package. It waited for the Senate under Republican control to pass […]

Defying Trump, 27 states now use mail-in voting

“We, the People” made the Constitution. But our right to vote is not included in the Bill of Rights. Still, the Constitution protects it. The Ninth Amendment says that the specific inclusion of only some rights does not “deny or disparage others retained by the people.” The right to vote is retained by the people. […]